MSi Distributors tackle the global PPE shortage using world’s largest aircraft

MSi Distributors have helped tackle the global COVID-19 pandemic by taking on the mammoth task of adapting our entire manufacturing supply chain, to produce new Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) product lines for frontline medical staff.
MSi factory workers are producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for protection against Covid-19

The company felt compelled to act when the global health crisis resulted in the urgent need for PPE equipment worldwide. We worked quickly with our manufacturing partners in China to cease production of our medical and health product lines and begin making high-quality PPE kit instead.

Our established manufacturing network and existing framework meant we were perfectly positioned to support what Health Secretary Matt Hancock termed a ‘Herculean logistical effort’.

We are proud to say that due to our unique capabilities in sourcing high-volume, quality products, we have supplied government agencies in North America with a huge consignment of PPE that required the world’s largest aircraft to transport.

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The six-storey cargo jet, Antonov AN-225 ‘Mriya’ was commissioned to deliver the millions of masks, gowns and other medical equipment. Crowds gathered on the ground to see the one-of-a-kind aircraft, which has six engines and a wingspan of 290 feet.

We have had to pull out all the stops across the supply chain and work under extreme pressure. This included recruiting staff with experience of manufacturing PPE equipment and pulling in staff from nearby factories in China; those with experience in garment production from some of the largest fashion manufacturers in the country.

Nathan Sacher, QC Manager (Ningbo)

The benefit of having medical staff on our team meant we understand the standard of products needed to protect NHS & healthcare professionals across the world working on the frontline.

We can proudly say that none of our products have ever been recalled or rejected, as a result of our quality control methods.

“We have a social responsibility and take a philanthropic approach to business; being able to help during the coronavirus pandemic is the priority,”

Headquartered in the UK, with offices in China, UAE and Canada we continue to produce and supply large quantities of PPE to aid the battle against the spread of COVID-19.

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